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Dear Brother Joseph
Salamun Alaikum , my question is ,  was Prophet Musa (PBUH) Muslim or Jews ?
Similarly was Prophet Jesus ( PBUH) Christian ? Why God mentioned the followers of Prophet Musa and Prophet Jesus  respectively Jews and Christian ? What is the meaning of Jews and Christian in Quran’s perspective ? We call Muslim who surrender himself completely  to the will of God . In a same point of view why Jews and Christian were not Muslim ? Do you think Muslim stands as only religion name not describes as meaning ?

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Dear Beyond Tradition,

Wa alaikum assalam

All prophets/messengers were foremost 'Muslims' (those that Submit to God).

"Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a true Muslim"

  • Prophet Noah asks for no reward from his people, he states that he is one of the Muslimeen (10:72)
  • Prophet Solomon's letter to Sheba (Saba) requesting her in the name of the Lord to abandon her blasphemy and for her to surrender with her people and become one of the Muslimeen (27:31)
  • Prophet Solomon acknowledged his own state as being one of those of the 'Muslimeen' (27:42)
  • Those who have persevered with the truth from the People of the Book and when it is recited to them, acknowledge that they have already been from those that have submitted to God (Muslimeen) (28:53)
  • All but one house from the people of Prophet Lot submitted to God (Muslimeen) (51:36)
  • Prophet Muhammad s instructed to say that he has been commanded to be of those that submit to God (Muslimeen) (27:91)
  • Disciples of Prophet Jesus confirm that they submit to God (Muslimoon) (3:52)
  • Prophet Joseph prays to his Lord to die as one who is a 'Musliman' (12:101)
  • Prophet Jacob's children at the point of his death professed that they submit to God (Muslimoon) (2:133)
  • Even the magicians of Pharaoh called themselves Muslims once they had seen the signs given to Moses (7:126)

[1], [2]

With terms such as Christians (nasrani: nasara [plural]) or Jews (Yahudi), the Quran simply addresses the group of the adherents of the previous scriptures in a manner that they were known at that time.

So for example, the Arab followers of the Masih (Prophet Jesus), they called themselves / were known as the 'nasrani' (plural nasara) at the time of the Quran's revelation.

005:014 (part)
"And from those who say, "We are Christians"..." 

Hence, the Quran simply refers to a group of people in a manner so it is clear who is being addressed.

I hope this helps, God willing



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