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The Quran teaches about the lives of those who lived before Muhammad. It focuses greatly on Moses, Joseph and Mary, and to a lesser extent, Nuh, Lot, Abraham, and so on. A proper teaching of Islam relies on an understanding of these historical personalities.

As a side note: How different from traditionalist Islam where the stories of those in the Quran are given secondary importance compared to the life of the prophet himself.

I am unfamiliar with the previous books of God. Out of curiosity I would like to know which personalities did God use to teach previous ministries (e.g. the ministries of Jesus and Moses). Are any of these personalities not mentioned in the Quran?

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The Qur'an apart from the ministries of Prophet Moses and Jesus(peace be upon them), also describes that of Prophet Noah, Ibrahim, David(Daud) who was granted the text of Zabur( believed to be the equivalent of Psalms), Solomon, Lot, Zachariah, Joseph(Yusuf), Shuaib, Dhul-Qarnaiyn, Dhul-Khifil, Issac and Ishmael(peace be upon them. All Prophets of Allah SWT.