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Sallam brother Joseph

I have read all your articles on salat,one thing I want to ask if you can please?

As in 4.102, does prostration end or signify the end of salat? I understand we should not think of salat as ritulistic, I'm asking as there are three positions, standing, bowing and prostrating, according to the Quran.

Are we meant to be only doing one position of each with each salat, so praying for a time standing, then praying or praising for a time bowing and the finally praising God almighty whilst we place our head on the floor, do we then end the Prayer?

i.e. salat is time related with each position? Hope you don't mind answering.

Thank you and Sallam

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Re: Does the Salat End with a Prostration Based on Verse 4:102?
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Salamun Alaikum

There is no right or wrong way in doing this as long as any salat captures the Quranic requirements. The Quran merely informs us what the prayer should consist of and it is to be remembered that the term ‘sujud’ inherently has the nuance of becoming lowly, humble and submissive as well as the physical prostration. [1]

I have comprehensively argued that albeit prayer is not ritualised in the Quran, there is absolutely no harm in following the current practice rather than reinventing the wheel as the current practice fulfils all the Quran’s requirements. In fact, joining a congregation that fulfills the essence of the Quranic requirements of salat is arguably encouraged by the Quran [2]

However, if at the end of prayer one wants to prostrate then this would arguably not be against the Quranic guidance either, or verse 4:102 if taken literally.

I often at times prostrate at the end of salat.

I hope that helps, God willing.




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