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Question shared for brother Joseph [From outside the forum]

Salaam brother Joseph

I hope you are well.

I appreciate you have a very busy life so I will keep it short and hope you reply.
Does An-nas mean "all of mankind" or just "people"?
An Arabic scholar has said to me nowhere in the Quran does God Almighty confirm the Quran was sent for guidance to "all of mankind"
Regards and peace

Question shared for brother Joseph [From outside the forum]

Assalamu aleykum!

Sorry for my English I find your articles and it seems interesting. Can I ask you something?

1. Why Allah curses Christians and jews, calls them disbelievers for Trinity and Uzeyr and says they'll be in hell for Trinity again? I find some contradictions, cause on one place they described as good on the other place as disbelievers.

2. You say that grave punishment is nonsense because punishment before judgment is not correct. But in many places in Quran says that when soul of bad person gone away angels beats her and tells her destiny is fire. And that's all before judgment too like a grave punishment. Contradictions?

Discussions / MOVED: ZAKAT
« on: May 31, 2018, 08:52:15 PM »

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Discussions / No External Blogs / Links Unrelated to Forum Discussions
« on: February 27, 2017, 12:04:41 AM »
Dear Members of the forum / Readers

As this forum takes absolutely no responsibility and no control over what may be potentially posted in an external link / blog by a member, further posts of this nature will now be curtailed. 

Please can we kindly request that if an external link is provided, it is specifically related to the Quranic / Islamic discussions that are taking place on the forum with a view to support it.


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This is an open question to all those that hold the traditional perspective. In particular, this question is for Khalid Zia to respond to.


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