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General Discussions / Was Adam's Murdered Son Guilty or Innocent?
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:54:40 AM »

Plastic Surgery:


Salaam Mohammed,

I was just revisiting this thread and wanted to ask you about what you said :
If X harm Y intentionally/unintentionally, it happens because GOD -THE JUST, THE MERCIFUL letting X to do so, and Y deserves it.
But if Y do not deserves it/is innocent, then GOD -THE JUST, THE MERCIFUL will NEVER let X to do it.
Even if Y deserves it /is a sinner, X will definitely get punished by GOD for this evil deed (if he did it without cause /valid reason).

When you say if Y didn't deserve it/ is innocent then God would never let X do it.

What would say the  about the son's of Adam when one brother killed his innocent brother ? God let it happen.

Your theory doesn't for here.

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