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Dr Shabbir's views on Ibada & calling Jind & Ins
« on: March 23, 2017, 11:07:50 PM »
Nay, Allah is in no need of our worship.
51:56 And I have not created the ‘jinn’ and the ‘ins’ but that they obey (serve) Me alone. [‘Jinn’ = Nomads. ‘Ins’ = Urbanites. Check Surah 72 Al-Jinn, author’s note, for details. ‘Ibadah’ is usually translated as worship but it is better applicable in that sense to idol-worship. And since the Quran consistently promotes action over ritual, ‘Ibadah’ means obeying Allah by serving His creation]
14:8 And Moses said, “If you disbelieve - you and all on earth together, yet Allah is indeed Self-Sufficient needing none, Owner of Praise.”
“Fabi ayyi aalaai Rabbikumaa tukazzibaan” (Surah 55, Ar-Rahman). The addressees of that verse are ‘you both’. So, many commentators, always fond of degrading women, render it as, “O Jinns and men!” But, keeping in mind the Big Picture of the Quran, the correct rendition is, "O Men and women!" Another frequent error is translating ‘Aala’ as blessing, bounty or favor. That meaning falls completely and repeatedly out of line in the Surah. How can the Hell be a bounty? Another meaning of ‘Aala’ is Authority, Power and Control, and that is what goes consistent throughout the verses in the Surah.  Hence, the correct rendition of the verse will be: Then, O Men and women! Which Authority of your Lord will you deny? (Instead of: Then, O Jinns and men! Which bounty of your Lord will you deny?) 
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