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Re: Understanding what is doubts in the quran
« Reply #30 on: April 21, 2017, 12:28:35 AM »
Yes my sincere thinking is that quran is not a dogma and must not be. So we must evaluate its way of bringing solutions to arabic society in terms of their culture time and place in history. Otherwise we will stick to arabic customs. I believe heartily if we  dont just take the generic patterns from quran but stick to it word by word we will fail as a whole islamic society in history. It is like not using our mind but instead just freezing everything in the time between 622-632. I gave example of usury or interest or riba. But we dont even have a clear cut definition of what riba or usury or interest is in quran in quran i repeat. Or how much rate of it is called is not defined. If usury is an increase in something you lend to someone when they bring it back. Without this how will you maintain a free market mostly entrepreneurship. If you give money or good to someone without gaining anything in return why you would do it? Yes ofcourse you would to it for goodness sake but people on earth are not angels they wont go ahead giving lending just for free. And now money even is a very complex matter. What i say again with the terms of a simple economic structure of a village we cannot solve modern world's economic problems. ofcourse you can go ahead and say just believe just believe and do it and everything will be fixed. then current situation of islamic world shows how we managed it so far which shows our failure both from individual and social perspectives. I kindly would like to share you a book if you dont mind me i dont want to sound like superiour but do please read the book "islam tarihi filipeli ahmet hilmi" link is:

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Re: Understanding what is doubts in the quran
« Reply #31 on: April 21, 2017, 06:05:52 PM »

Alhamdulillah. Thanks for your suggestion but may i also suggest that you look up the difference between "profit" and "riba".