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What are your views of this video in which it is claimed that whatever the Prophet gives you, take it as support for the Sunnah?


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Salamun Alaikum,

Sadly, these are tired discussions generally advanced by trained clergymen and replicated by their followers.

It is one thing to assert that the Prophet clarified matters using the Quran applying them to everyday issues and it is quite another to assert that these clarifications were captured by later compilers, centuries after the death of the Prophet, and held in oral narrations with numerous contradictions.

The Quran was a timeless document and as God says, a clarification of all things (tibiana lekulli shayin 16:89). Therefore, the Quran should be used for religious guidance as a clarification of all things necessary to ascertain 'true' deen.

The Prophet made use of the Quran as a clarification and a guide to apply to his particular circumstances.

(1) He made judgments by making use of the Quran's guidance. (24:48)
(2) He was an arbitrator and settled disputes (24:51; 8:46)
(3) He was a counsellor / consultant (58:12)
(4) He was a military leader and made use of the Quran's guidance to conduct his affairs during war (8:1; 8:7)
(5) He was a community leader (60:12) and consulted with his contemporaries to make best decisions for the community (3:159)
(6) He was the state leader of a chain of commands (4:59)
(7) He was the community's treasurer (8:41)
[8] He was a spiritual leader and was entasked to proclaim the message and deliver warnings (38:70)
(9) He was a spiritual guide in his personal sphere (e.g. with his wives 33:33)

In all that he did engulfing his ministry and in dealing with his wider circumstances, the Prophet made use of God's guidance as revealed to him by the Quran.

As far as the ayat the brother has quoted to make his case for the Sunna, this is a quintessential response by clergymen which has once again been sadly reproduced. If the appropriate verse 59:7 is studied, the context clearly becomes apparent as one dealing with booty and not one sanctioning a corpus that did not take canon until many moons after the death of the Prophet.

Please see the following article:


With regards his comment 'and some of the funny people', we should leave the matter for the Day of Judgement to ascertain who indeed really were the 'funny' people.

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