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General Discussions / Re: changing the creation of Allah
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:56:49 PM »
Walaikum asallam Hope

it is a very tricky verse isnt it? One must apply wisdom but i become confused sometimes because if caution is not maintained some people twist such beautiful verses. I think when deformities make life difficult or staying alive difficult than operatoons to remove that difficulty is allowed
but you know some people can also then claim that they are born in the wrong body or that its yheir nature to be homosexual but we know that it is not the case. Maybe these people beleive such a thing due to a wasswasa but you knoe Allah has said jomosexuality is haram and also anther name for islam is deen-ul-fitra which means a religion that is natural to all and suita nature very well.. Allah the most merciful does not classify anything as sin that is a part of our narure or anything that is good. But he does have rules for functions that are natural and vital for us like eating, sexual relationships within a marriage etc..if we follow the rulws it is not a sin..but if we do not follow the rules and engage freely in such actibities..we ate wisdom should be used very carefully weighing in every possible scenarios

General Discussions / changing the creation of Allah
« on: May 17, 2013, 03:03:29 PM »
Salamun Alaikum,

I have read an ayat in the Quran which says that the Iblis will order humans to change the creation of Allah. Do you think gender change operation falls under the ambit of this ayat?

Please shed some light on the following three scenarios and tell me whether my believes are justified in the light of the glorious Quran:

1. A transgendered person, who believes that they are born with a fully functioning body of a person of the opposite gender i.e a woman who believes she is actually a man who is born with the body of a female. Is the operation allowed in this situation?

I believe they receive some kind of waswasa or they might actually have such feelings or inclination but they should see this as a test from Allah and persevere and not go for the operation.

2. a hermoaphrodite person, these people in my country are constantly ridiculed and harassed for their physical deformities. If such a person can get a fully functioning male/female body after the operation and lead a normal life, I believe the gender change operation is allowed for them.

Before the advent of this technology they were thought to be a test for themselves and everyone around them but when I see the condition of such people in my country my eyes fill up with tears. Do you think its more humane and Allah, the most merciful, would not penalize them for taking a shot at living a normal life by undergoing such operations?

3. A homosexual person, i.e. a man who wants to undergo this procedure to become a woman  so that he can marry a man afterwards, is it allowed then? The Quran clearly forbids homosexual relationships, but do you think even after the operation their relationship would be considered homosexual as the new woman was actually born a male? I believe it is not allowed and they should see their inclinations as a test for them and persevere and not go for such an operation.

Thank you.

General Discussions / Re: non islamic financial institutions
« on: May 17, 2013, 12:51:11 PM »
The rate of interest these institutions charge yield an amount of money that reflects the time dependent increase in money but the amount is not exactly equal to it. The interest amount of money can be slightly more or less than the time dependent increased amount.

General Discussions / non islamic financial institutions
« on: May 17, 2013, 12:46:11 PM »
Salamun alaikum brother,
 I read your very informative article on riba. Your approach is different than traditionalista, you rightly consider the nature of paper money and say that if the amount of interest charged is equal to the time dependant increase in the certain amount of money then its ok. But calculating such a rate of interest that would yield the time dependent increased amount of money is not possible. As an economics student i can tell this because we are taught that due to the presence of black markets, impossibility of accruing perfect information regarding monetary transactions and demand and supply of money in an economy it is impossible to calculate such an interest rate. So non islamic banks cant charge that rate. So they charge a rate that they fix basing on assumptions and speculative calculations.
Do you think then working in such institutions is haram and so is keeping money in their savings accounts?

Thank you

Yes that helps..thank you

I meant to ask whether the Quran authorizes the bible as a source of law for muslims? Sorry for the tuping mistake in my previous post.

Salamun Alaikum brother,
I would like to begin by thanking you for kindly answering my queries. Your answers were very helpful.
After reading your relevant articles some questions arose in my mind. I am sharing them with you.
I learnt from your article that the Quran confirmed the scripture(Bible..OT and NT) that was between the hands of the Arab Christians and Jews of that time. I want to know whether we as muslims can find religiously binding laws for us in the Quran? I mean you have previously shown from the Quran that the Quran does not  authorize Ahadith corpus as a sourse for religiously binding laws. Can you please tell me whether the Quran authorises the current Bible for muslims to follow laws present in the current Bible? If the Bible both OT and NT is religiously binding for muslims which version or translation do you recommend?

Thank you so much

Salam brother,

hope you are doing well. I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions:

1) are chocolates like kitkat, sneakers, mars, twix halal?

2) is using soya sauce for cooking halal? Or using cooking wine or red wine vinegar halal?

3) is gelatin halal? Because i read somewhere that it is haram and so gummy bears and other sweets that contain them are haram?

4) can we eat out at KFC or macdonalds or any other resturants? I heard that we are not allowed.

Thank you so much

General Discussions / questions regarding the hereafter
« on: April 28, 2013, 01:20:35 AM »
Salam brother Joseph,

Hope you are well. I have some questions that bother me a lot and it would be very helpful and kind of you if you could take some time out of your busy schedule and shed some light on them from the quran's perspective. the highest rank in heaven only attainable by prophet Muhammad? People talk about a rank called al-wasila that can be attainable by only one person. is it true? Can only one person attain the highest rank in heaven?

2. If the highest rank in heaven can be attainable by many, is it only attainable by prophets?

3. Can normal men and women attain the highest rank in heaven and can be brought nearest to Allah? can a normal human like me strive for such a lofty goal? Or is it futile or non-sensical for me to strive for it?

4. I have read that, we are in this world to try and come nearest to Allah, is that possible for normal humans? I feel deep in my heart that it is possible  if we work really hard.

Eagerly waiting for your answer.

Thank You,

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