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Wa alaikum assalam brother Ahmad,

Jazak Allah you for letting me know. The link has now been updated.

As Salam Alaykum,

Just wanted to point out that link number 4 is repeated.

General Discussions / Re: To Whom It May Concern
« Last post by Mohammed on Today at 05:08:07 AM »
And regarding modern man/technology,

We already know about many medicines which are banned after understanding its adverse effects (i.e. after years of consumption by patients)

See another example,

Qur'an's method to determine pregnancy is waiting for a few Full-moons/months (e.g. when finalising divorce).

And modern-world/doctors suggest ultrasound.

but now people understanding the problems..
“Although ultrasound imaging is generally considered safe when used prudently by appropriately trained health care providers, ultrasound energy has the potential to produce biological effects on the body. Ultrasound waves can heat the tissues slightly. In some cases, it can also produce small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues (cavitation).”

“When modern sophisticated equipment is used at maximum operating settings for Doppler examinations, the acoustic outputs are sufficient to produce obvious biological effects, e.g. significant temperature increase in tissue or visible motion of particles due to radiation pressure streaming effects. The risk of inducing thermal effects is greater in the second and third trimesters, when fetal bone is intercepted by the ultrasound beam and significant temperature increase can occur in the fetal brain.”

There may be a case for stunning when it comes to large animals such as sheep /cows etc because they can be difficult to hold down especially because the abattoirs are just a huge assembly lines and animals get very distressed watching their fellow kind being slaughtered.

Did you watch the video? Large animals can also be prepared without stunning (if God willing)

But why the concept of SLAUGHTER HOUSE? Why this much greed for food(of consumer) and money(of business people)?
When processes come to large scale, it would be difficult to maintain MORALS & PROFIT. So more technology... More money... More and more greed...endless. Who knows that the animals are not suffering while stunning? Why Qur'an does not mentions prior stunning? If it's reducing suffering why God(The Merciful) didn't let the former generations/prophets know that?(there was no electricity is not a reason, it doesn't matter for God, He would have shown/taught them an alternative, for their time). If the processes are in natural way, I believe there would be much reduction in meat consumption.

You are correct when you say that our death, the time and place etc is predestined and only God knows that. We cannot change whatever has been decreed.

For example in 7:34
'And for every nation is a [specified] term. So when their time has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede [it].'

The reason we pray for a long life for ourselves and others is that we do not know the when our time is up , so have hope and faith that drives us to ask God.Remember that our time is linear and God is outside that time/space realm, I have an excerpt from Joseph regarding this concept that may be of help IA:


"God is not dependant on time nor does He exist 'in time' that He Himself has created. We exist in time and space. God transcends space, time and His creation. He is not dependant on the laws He Himself has created for His servants. A lot of difficulties in our understandings are resolved if we remove God from our linear perception of time and space which God is simply not restricted to. Many verses and theological inferences in the Quran indicate that He is timeless and governs affairs from outside His universal creational scope.

For God, you and I have already died as He is omnipresent in all time spheres past, present and future. For example, when you pray for a dead relative today in your linear space of time, although for you that person has died, for God the knowledge of your prayer was present before He even created the person you are praying for. He took account of that prayer before the Universe was created and before He set his master-plan in action for me, for you and the whole Universe."

This full discussion can be found here:


It is truly sad watching the situation we have today regarding animal welfare. More about this is being highlighted to the public so awareness is increasing.

When you mention the poultry farms, the overcrowded conditions are atrocious like you mentioned how the chickens are kept in indoors throughout their existence.

Because of these farms, I made a decision many years back to only buy free range eggs just to do my small part.

I think that more attention does need to be given on how they are looked after to improve their living conditions but unfortunately it is a supply game.
This is a difficult one to answer because we will never know for sure what the animal feels when they are stunned. In Europe there is a standard procedure to stun and there exceptions for religious groups such as Jews and Muslims.

There may be a case for stunning when it comes to large animals such as sheep /cows etc because they can be difficult to hold down especially because the abattoirs are just a huge assembly lines and animals get very distressed watching their fellow kind being slaughtered.
Peace be upon you too.

Please kindly see my responses to your questions in brown below:

1. Does Allah really address Himself to be our God? If so, where's in the Quran He claims that He is our God?  As far as i know Allah reject believing to any God nor the idea about worshipping God but only Allah.


Yes, please see verses 20:14 and 21:92 as examples

2. Why translate Allah's Name to be God since Allah specifically was His Name? Ilahi or Ilaha in arabic means God. Then, why did Muslim translate a Name to be something else? And even worse Rabb to be God but not Lord.


Please see article below:

3. Does Allah really command woman to wear a veil? As far as i know Allah only command believing woman to lengthen their garments to avoid  women being molested. 


Please see article below:

4. What kind of Salat did Allah teach in Quran? Was it really we need to do all the step or only part of it such as Stand or Bow or Prostrate? And does rakaah matter in Quran?


Please see link below

5. Does Allah really describe Muhammad to be Illiterate (Ummi)? Because my people believe Muhammad as Illiterate person that may chant Quran as part of his miracle. Few my personal research said the right translation was Gentiles - those who did not receive or heard any previous scriptures. And i believe Muhammad writes Quran by his own hand because he was a merchant, there is no way he was illiterate. Whatsmore, why Allah made a surah about Pen to write if Muhammad can't write anything at all? What do u say about this?


Please see article below:

I hope this helps, God willing.

Discussions / Is animal stunning agreeable? Is it really reducing suffering?
« Last post by Mohammed on May 23, 2019, 11:43:38 AM »
peace dear believing brothers and sisters,

When God let us to do slaughter for food, i.e. when we are doing it with His permission(The Merciful/the Creator of the animal), why to worry about suffering, if we do it as prophets did?
I have witnessed both, natural death and slaughter of birds, in both cases they had almost same kind of expressions/movements/signs.
We can't believe the scientists always(if they say stunning reduces suffering) because sometime they will find it wrong in the future.

See preparing animal for slaughter without harm,
[For anyone who sees this video : in this video the person says Allahuakbar, meaning Allah is greater -may be he wouldn't have thought about it. Because how can Allah be greater than Himself? Allah calls Himself as Al-Kabeer (the Great). Akbar = greater]
Dear Brother Joseph ,
Salamun Alaikum . Many Muslims tells that it is duty for a Muslim to form a Islamic country where he lives in or joined with other who wants to form it in any other country . My question how a Muslim can confirm correct laws from Quran and get the best meaning from it. Not only that in Morden world when a Muslim lives in a Non Islamic country ( majority non Muslim ) then how he violate rules of that country where he lives in ? Please advise your humble opinion. To create a Islamic republic of country is Quran mentioned clearly ? What level of compromising for a Muslim in a non Islamic country?
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